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You know this thing about Nickelodeon Games?

Nickelodeon Games are in specially created for toddlers, for small kids, children that are interesting to play a flash game with your favorite characters from Nickelodeon TV station. Try what Nickelodeon Games you want, then try to help the main character to finish their mission, their action game. In Nickelodeon Games you can find 215 games that we've published for these kids and childrens that are interested to play Nickelodeon Games, this game gategory have been created on 13.10.2015. These games with Nickelodeon Games have been voted 1 times and the avarage of vote is 5.00 stars. We advice you to play the last flash game from Nickelodeon Games, Capture the Slime that have been published on 22.02.2018 20:00.


Capture the

Capture the Slime

Nickelodeon Tag

Nickelodeon Tag Attack

Paper Battle

Paper Battle Multiplayer

A Maze Ing Finger

A Maze Ing Finger Race

Boat o

Boat o Cross


Lincolns List

Power Rangers Megaforce Never

Power Rangers Megaforce...

Danny Phantom Hidden

Danny Phantom Hidden...

Nick Tennis

Nick Tennis Stars

Hover Pizza

Hover Pizza Cats


Scary Brawl

Smiling and Styling with

Smiling and Styling...


Piper Parkour


Action Jack

Danny Phantom Fill

Danny Phantom Fill Ins

Sunny Day Coloring

Sunny Day Coloring Book

Arm A

Arm A Gettin

The Loud House Which Side Character Are

The Loud House Which...


Heros Choice

Live From Bikini Bottom

Live From Bikini Bottom 2

Make it Pop Swap

Make it Pop Swap Puzzle

Make It Pop

Make It Pop Coloring

Make It Pop

Make It Pop Memory

Max and Shred

Max and Shred Arcade

Make It Pop Dance

Make It Pop Dance Machine

Max and Shred Science

Max and Shred Science Rush

Are You Corki Jodi or Sun

Are You Corki Jodi or...

Princess Nellas

Princess Nellas Garden

Nella the Princess Knight

Nella the Princess...

Nella Car

Nella Car Race


Ice Blast

Princess Nella Kick

Princess Nella Kick Up

Pat the Dog

Pat the Dog Jigsaw

Nella the Princess Knight

Nella the Princess...

Paw Patrol Whats

Paw Patrol Whats Missing

Henry Danger Make a

Henry Danger Make a Scene


Memory Mastermind


Brain Builder

Henry Danger Cartoon

Henry Danger Cartoon...

Pick Your Jace

Pick Your Jace Flick

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja...

Welcome to the Wayne Which Character Are

Welcome to the Wayne...

Blue la

Blue la Doctor

You Take Blue to

You Take Blue to School


Blues Matching


Blue Coloring

Blues Gold Clues

Blues Gold Clues Challenge

Blues Check

Blues Check Up

Blues Clues Doodle

Blues Clues Doodle Doodle

The Loud House Hidden

The Loud House Hidden Stars

Regal Academy Hidden

Regal Academy Hidden Stars

Game Shakers Trivia

Game Shakers Trivia Quest

Bunsen is a Beast

Bunsen is a Beast Memory

Paw Patrol Robo-dog

Paw Patrol Robo-dog Puzzle

Paw Patrol Rescue

Paw Patrol Rescue Pups

Spongebob Saw

Spongebob Saw Game

The Loud House Lights

The Loud House Lights Out

Hey Duggee Jam

Hey Duggee Jam Badge

Are You a Beast or a

Are You a Beast or a Human


Wissper Memory

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