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Are You a Beast or a Human is a game where you can find out if you are a beast like Bunsen, the hero from the new animated television series from Nickelodeon or if you are a human. To find out you have to answer to some questions about your personalty, about your body and so on. You have to tell how many hands you have, which is your favorite food, what you like to do in your free time, how you have fun and so on many other things. Some answers may seem strange to you but you have to focus and to answer honestly if you want a correct answer in the end. If you do not like it just start the game from the beginning and I am sure you can do better this time. To express your appreciation for our team which brought you this cute game with Bunsen is a beast you can give us a simple like. In this way we can promote it more for all the kids who would like it and we will feel appreciated for our work. Tell us in a comment if you are a beast or a human after this quiz appeared on our site in Bunsen is a beast games category. You need just the mouse to answer to the questions.

use the mouse

Are You a Beast or a Human

Are You a Beast or a Human