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Max and Shred Arcade is a game with three great challenges. You will have in foreground Max and Shred, the heroes from a new Nickelodeon series. They are not alone, they are with their friends. In this game the first challenge includes a sled. You have to use the arrows to ride the sled in order to reach safely the finish line. On the track are a lot of obstacles and you will lose life if you hit something. Try to reach the finish line before you lose the life because if you lose it all the game is over. Try again because if you give up you will never impress Max and Shred with your skills. In this game there are also bonuses on the track so try to collect them if you want more points. In the second challenge you will be with a little pig and you have to reach the destination safely. You have to cross an office full of people and desks and you have to be careful not to hit anything. If you hit something the game is over so be very careful in this game. Do your best to get a big score to prove that you deserve a place on the podium where are the best of the best.

use the arrows

Max and Shred Arcade

Max and Shred Arcade