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Numberjacks Jumping Generator is an exciting game appeared on our site, a game where you have to recognize the numberjacks in some regular objects. It is not simple at all to complete your goal in this game with numberjacks, our heroes from BBC because you have a lot of work to do, but i am sure if you are careful and hard working you can succeed with no problems. In the left side of the screen is going to appear a numberjack, maybe one, maybe two, maybe four or others. In the right side you can see some objects which contain numbers. For example in the left you will see the zero numberjack and in the right you will get three objects. One of them is a piece from a puzzle which has the digit zero on it, another one is a door which has the number 53 on it and the last one is a street number which is 122. the right answer in this case is the puzzle piece which has zero, because is similar with the numberjack zero. Click on it and if the answer is correct you can move on to the next level where you have the numberjack one. Here you have to figure it out by yourself which is the right answer. If you had a great time playing our game you can help us by giving a like instead of thanks for our effort to bring you this game with Numberjacks. Be careful at the indications, read the instructions if you are not sure that you have understood the rules.

use the mouse

Numberjacks Jumping Generator

Numberjacks Jumping Generator

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