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Fresh Beat Band of Spies Tetris is an exciting game appeared on our site in which you need skill and agility to complete your goal successfully in this game with Fresh Beat Band of Spies, our heroes from Nickelodeon. In the background you can see them and they support you to get a lot of points. Try a few times because only with training you can become a good player at this tetris game. From the top of the screen are coming some colored pieces and you have to move them with the arrows in order to arrange them at the bottom of the screen. Try to form a straight row from those pieces to make them disappear, to get points. In this game you have to do your best to get points because in that way you can enter in the top of the best players. If you don`t arrange well the pieces they will reach the top of the screen and if there are too many pieces you have to start the whole game from the beginning. Give us a like if you enjoyed this game because in this way we can promote it more for all the fans.

use the arrows

Fresh Beat Band of Spies Tetris

Fresh Beat Band of Spies Tetris