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More information about Fangbone Memory

Fangbone Memory is a nice game appeared on our site in which you have to find all the pairs with our heroes from the Disney XD series, Fangbone. You have to use the mouse in this game to search the pairs in order to find them as fast as you can. The game is on time and if you find quickly the pairs with Fangbone you may have the chance to enter in the top of the best players. In this game using the mouse you can turn the cards but only two at a time. In that moment you will get points if the cards are the same, if on the cards is the same picture with one of the characters from the animated series Fangbone. You need agility in this game but also a good memory to complete your goal successfully. If you have a big score you may have the chance to enter in the top of the best players. To succeed that you have to work a lot, to be persistent. If you turn two cards but they are not the same you will lose points so be careful and do your best to keep in mind the position of the cards.

use the mouse

Fangbone Memory

Fangbone Memory