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Ana the Pirate Candy Shooter is a game where your goal is to destroy all the candies that are at the top of the screen. Using the mouse you have to shoot the candies in order to make sure that you will get a big score. There are a lot of candies at the top of the screen and to win the level you have to destroy them all. Be fast if you want a big score. If you want the chance to get extra points you should try to destroy as many candies as you can from a single shot. In this game you have to use the mouse to aim and shoot the candies. Be fast and you have to have precision if you want to complete your goal successfully. Ana the pirate is going to be with you all the time, she will tell you what to do step by step. She is there to support you also. Don`t hurry to judge the game`s difficulty even though the first level is simple because you have to be more careful as you progress in higher levels where you have more candies to destroy. In the left side of the screen you can see the score in every level. Give us a like if you enjoyed this game with Ana the pirate, our heroine from Discovery Kids. She trusts your skills so do your best to prove her how good are you at this bubble game.

use the mouse

Ana the Pirate Candy Shooter

Ana the Pirate Candy Shooter