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Crashletes Puzzle Mania is a game for all the girls and the boys who are ready for a new challenge. Here you have the chance to see in exclusivity the first images from the new Nickelodeon series, Crashletes. In this game with Crashletes you need your mouse to solve a puzzle, to arrange the pieces in order to form the pictures with our heroes. In the first level you have a puzzle made from four pieces and in the picture you can see a girl and two boys. The girl is in the middle and he has one boy in the left and another one in the right. They are the main characters from the new series, Crashletes. After the pieces mix you have to put them at their place with your mouse. Do this quickly if you want a big score, because you will get points according to the time in this game. You have to work hard to get a lot of points in this game with Crashletes if you want the chance to reach podium where are only the best players in the world. If you succeed you will prove how good are you at puzzle solving. Try again if you think you can solve the puzzle faster.

use the mouse

Crashletes Puzzle Mania

Crashletes Puzzle Mania