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This new adventure game dear kids is clearly one which you should be trying out because we are sure you are going to love the game and that is what we are looking for with all the new games we have for you. So simply come and try out this Alvin Mission Handy game with the Alvin and the Chipmunks characters who are cute and friendly and happy to be here on our site. This Alvin and the Chipmunks game is one in which Alvin and his brothers really want to become real super heroes, after all they are just like kids, and for that to happen you get to play all kind of fun games and logic puzzles around the house. Some of them are going to be quite difficult but we know you can do a good job if you simply follow the instructions. You will have action and ability missions like sneaking behind their dad, solving puzzles and things like that, just pay attention to the instructions and you will do a good job. Good luck!

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Alvin Mission Handy

Alvin Mission Handy

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