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Because we, the administrative team of the site are here to make sure you dear kids always have a good time, we invite you to check out this Anna Looking for Candy game in which your mission is simply to have a good time with Anna, but not just any kind of Anna princess game, but in this one she is a baby princess and that will definitely make this girl game more interesting. Because Anna is just a baby girl in this game right here, she is very happy to be here on our site because she knows you can have a good time playing together, so she is still a little girl and her favorite thing to do is playing and, of course, candy. That is why in this particular Frozen game here on our site she needs your help to find the candy that is hidden everywhere, so this is kind of a hidden objects game , but also really pay attention because you can't be seen by Olaf who is taking care of baby Anna so she wouldn't eat so many candy. Good luck!

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Anna Looking for Candy

Anna Looking for Candy

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