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We are really excited to be offering you this Minecraft Gift Collector game in which, as you can see, you can have a really good time, first of all because it is a Minecraft game and we are sure you are all fans of the MInecraft games because they are just the best. Second of all because this is a Christmas game too and we just know you can't say no to a Christmas game which is also a Minecraft game here on our site. You have to know that this Minecraft Gift Collector game is in fact an ability game in which you are going to need your logic as well to do a good job and it isn't a very easy game. You have to connect three gifts in this minecraft game to make them disappear ,but every time you move a gift and you don't make a connection, more gifts will appear until you don't have any more room and that is when you can lose the game. Good luck!

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Minecraft Gift Collector

Minecraft Gift Collector

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