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Table Tennis World Tour is a game where you have to work hard to become the best table tennis player in the world. You have to chose at the beginning a country and then you will start the first match. If you lose a single match in the tournament you will be eliminated and the only thing you can do is to restart the game. You need a lot of training to become good at ping pong so world a lot if you want to win the tournament. You have to win a lot of matches to become the best. In this game you need just the mouse to move the paddle in order to hit the ball. If the ball falls twice in your field you will lose a point that will be won by the opponent. In this game you have to be fast to catch the ball all the time, to send it in the opponent`s field. During the game you will receive some indications that have the purpose to help you complete your goal successfully. Try again and again to play the game until you learn something, until you become a better player. Leave us a comment to tell us which was you best position in the table tennis world tour.

use the mouse

Table Tennis World Tour

Table Tennis World Tour

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