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Fairy Tale Forest Adventures is a game with a lot of amazing challenges for you, all the girls and the boys who love fairy tales. In this game with Goldie and Bear you will visit all the great characters from classic fairy tales like the Three little pigs, Humpty Dumpty, Snow White and the seven dwarfs and so on many others. You can pick a fairy tale at the beginning and then you will get a few challenges with the characters from that fairy tale. You have to do your best to complete all the challenges in order to get a big score. There are simple tasks and if you work hard I am sure you can complete them easily. In this game if you make a mistake you will lose a life. If you lose them all the game is over. You have three lives in this ability game with Goldie and Bear. To express your appreciation for our team which brought you this cute game you can give us a simple like. In this way we can promote it more for all the kids who would like it and we will feel appreciated for our work. Do your best to get a big score if you want a chance on the podium.

use the mouse

Fairy Tale Forest Adventures

Fairy Tale Forest Adventures