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Word Cup 1 on 1 is a game where you have to do your best to make sure that you will obtain a big score, that you will win every football match. This is a special type of football because you do not have eleven players in your team, not even five, you will be just yourself and you will play again another player. You have to score more goals than the opponent before the time runs out if you want to win the match, to move on to the next step in the world cup. This is a 1 on 1 world cup and you have to do your best to defeat all the opponents to win the cup. THe first players are not as good as the ones that will come next so be ready for anything. In the game you can chose your team at the beginning. You can chose what country you want to represent in the world cup 1 on 1. If you enjoyed our game we will be grateful to you if you give us a simple like or maybe a g plus to help us promote this game and its category with sports. Do your best to win the world cup and to earn a big score if you want a chance to reach the podium where are only the best players in the world.

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Word Cup 1 on 1

Word Cup 1 on 1

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