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Waybuloo Puzzle is a game where your skills are going to be tested because without agility and attention you can not complete your goal successfully. In this game you have to use the mouse to solve the puzzle, to arrange the pieces from the puzzle. When you enter in the game you will see that the pieces are already mixed and this thing makes the game more difficult. When you know how the puzzle should look solved it is easier to solve it because you can figure it out faster where is the place of the pieces. Be careful and I think you can solve it anyway. You have to work hard to get a lot of points in this puzzle game with Waybuloo but if you successfully do it, you may reach the podium. There are only the best of the best and I am sure you will be proud of yourself to be there. To get a big score you need agility because you will get points according to how fast you solve the puzzle with our heroes from Cbeebies. The Waybuloo are going to be there in the image, all of them. I think you can recognize them if you are a big fan of the series. Leave us a comment to tell us how fast you have solved the puzzle with Waybuloo. Give us a like if you enjoyed this exciting game and tell us which is your favorite character. Try again if you can not solve the puzzle from the first attempt.

use the mouse

Waybuloo Puzzle

Waybuloo Puzzle

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