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Angry Birds vs Plants is a game where you have to use the mouse to complete your tasks. In the first level you will get some indications but as you progress in higher levels you will be on your own so you have to figure it out by yourself how to complete your goal. In this game you have to bring the bird in the plant`s mouth. It is not simple at all to complete your goal successfully in this game in order to make sure that the bird arrives in the plant`s mouth because you have a lot of challenges and you have to think well what to do. With your mouse you will interact with the wooden paddles, with the ice paddles and other things from the levels to destroy them, to modify them in order to make the bird fall in the plant. In the first level is very simple to complete your goal because the bird sits on an ice paddle above the plant. All you have to do to complete your goal is to click on the ice to break it and the bird will fall. you have to be more careful as you progress in higher levels where things are getting pretty difficult.

use the mouse

Angry Birds vs Plants

Angry Birds vs Plants

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