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Pou Beard Salon is an interesting game appeared on our site for all the kids who are ready for an important challenge, to grow a nice beard for Pou. He needs your help because he can not grow a beautiful beard and he wants one very much. In the first place you have to wash his small beard using the shower and the shampoo from the bottom of the screen. Apply the shampoo and then rinse the soap bubbles using the shower. Wipe with a towel his face and then you can move on to the next level. During the game you will get some indications that are there to help you complete your goal and learn the rules, so you don`t have to about anything. If you don`t get indications in the game our team will help you step by step. After the beard is clean you have to apply a solution that will make the beard grown on Pou`s face. You have to use the mouse to complete your tasks step by step. In this game after the beard is big you can dye it in different colors. Pou needs your help and you have to do your best to prove him that he can trust your skills in beards.

use the mouse

Pou Beard Salon

Pou Beard Salon

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