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More information about Online Online is an interesting game appeared on our site where you have to survive to a zombie siege. It is not simple at all because you have to figure it out which is the best way to survive until the end of the attacks. You have to find a safe place where you can stay until the siege is over. I suggest you to find a house and to block the enter after you are in the building. When the zombies come at the end of the time you have to be ready to block the entrance because if you are caught by zombies you will become also a zombie. If you are a zombie your goal is to catch the humans. Be careful and watch out for the time. At the top you can see the time that is until the zombies come. After the zombie comes you have to be ready for anything, they can come from everywhere. You have to survive a certain time. If you succeed you win the match. This is an online game and that means you will play with players from all around the world. You can say your location and you name at the beginning of the game. In this exciting survival game you need the arrows to move with your hero. Be careful at the time and I think you can make a great job. In this exciting game if you win and you have a big score you can enter in the top of the best players in the world.

use the arrows Online Online