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Dragon Fortress is a game where you have to build your own city where dragons and humans are working together to defense what they belong and the weak. In this game you will get indications at the beginning in order to learn how to interact in the game, how to build something, how to fight, how to defend your city and so on but as the time passes you will be on your own and you have to figure it out how to solve any problems. In this interesting game you need strategy if you want the chance to enter in the top of the best players. At the beginning you can chose your warrior and you can give it your name or a name that you want. Then you can personalize it and you can chose also a dragon who is going to be your partner in fights. You have to collect gold and construction materials if you want to be able to build houses, farms, training temples and so on. You can upgrade the building and the dragons in this game in order to make them stronger. If you defeat other dragons you will get extra points and experience in this strategy game. Be careful and I am sure you can make a great job. Try to maintain your city if you are attacked and you will gain experience.

use the mouse

Dragon Fortress

Dragon Fortress

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