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Harry and Bunnie 5 Differences is a cute game made by our team for all the boys and the girls who love the future animated series from Disney Channel, Harry and Bunnie. Harry is a nice boy who loves magic and he wants to impress everybody with his tricks. Unfortunately for our hero his rabbit named Bunnie always destroy his tricks and make fun of him. In this game you have some funny images from the show and you have to spot the differences between them. It is not simple at all to complete your goal in this game because you have a lot of work to do, but i am sure if you are careful and hard working you can succeed with no problems. You have to use the mouse to click on the differences when you spot them. There are five differences to find in every level. At the bottom you have the original image with Harry and Bunnie and at the top, above the first image you have the one which has five differences. If you find the differences in a short time you can enter in the top of the best players because you will get a lot of points. In the left side you can see an old woman, in the middle of the image is Harry and in the right side of the image you can see the funniest character from the show, your favorite animal, Bunnie.

use the mouse

Harry and Bunnie 5 Differences

Harry and Bunnie 5 Differences