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Zombies Love Cheese is a new game appeared on our site where you need logic to complete your goal in every level, to bring the cheese to the zombie who love to eat cheese. In this game you have to interact with the things from every level to make the cheese fall, roll and so on to reach the zombie who is hungry. The first levels in this game with zombies are easy to complete because you will get indications from the computer, but you don`t have to hurry to judge the game`s difficulty. using the mouse you have to move boxes, to cut ropes, to interact with all the things in order to complete your goal, to make the zombie happy. In this logic game offered by our site when you reach higher levels you will be on your own and you have to figure it out by yourself how to bring the cheese in the zombies mouth. In this game to get a lot of points you have to complete every level quickly, because the game is on time. Try again if you don`t make it from the first attempt and i am sure you can do better.

use the mouse

Zombies Love Cheese

Zombies Love Cheese

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