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Fighter Plane Maker is an exciting game appeared on our site that can take you to the top of the best players if you prove that you are worthy. In this game you need the mouse to pilot your airplane and to shoot the enemies. Do your best to destroy as many enemies as possible to get a lot of points in this game. Pay us a like if you had a great time in this game because in this way we can promote it more for all the girls and the boys who play on our site. Also you can give us a comment with your opinion about the game and about fighters. In this game you have to shoot the enemies to destroy them. Be careful not to be hit because you will damage your plane. if you lose all the life you have, the game is over. Try to upgrade your plane using the points you have earned in order to make it stronger, to have more life, to have better weapons and so on because in this way you can handle the situation better. In this game with airplanes it is important to avoid the enemy`s bullets to survive the battle.

use the mouse

Awesome Planes

Awesome Planes

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