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A new challenge it`s available on in this amazing game with Aang from The Avatar and other benders from the series which are having a great fighting tournament. You will have to choose a character which you want to represent, to create his equipment for fighting and then you can go to fight with the best benders from the world. The game has two options so you can practice first to train a little and to see about what is the game and when you think you are prepared enough you can go on tournament where you will fight with a lot of fighters. But, to can fight with all of them you have to win all the fights so beat your rivals as good as you can and also you will obtain a great score which can make you the best bender. Before that, you have to choose an element which can be water, fire, air and earth and with the one you choose will be your arm against your rival which will have another element. The game can be made by yourself by choosing the fighter, the equipment and the element so you can win very easy because you are the one who decide how you want to play. There will be Aang, fighting with other benders in this tournament and of course you will fight with him and you have to beat him to prove that you can be good that Aang. hopes that you will enjoy our new game and also we hope that you will learn some new fight moves from the benders from The Avatar which are the stronger and the best.

Use the arrows and the spacebar to play this game

Avatar Arena

Avatar Arena

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