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Looks like the characters from Evermoor moved in another house where they will have a lot of surprises because the house is haunted and there are happening strange things. Your job will be to help Tara solving out the mysteries that are happening in that house without somebody knowing what are you doing. In first place you will have to talk with the other members of the family because they will tell you to find something are to look for something because until they will arrange all the stuffs in the new house there will be a chaos. In time that you will go to find some things you will see some strange things happening and Tara will be curious to see what is happening on that places so you will have to go with her to see together what it`s happening. Of course that you will receive some points for every action that you take and in that way you will can obtain a great score which will help you to pass the level and going to the next one. The game has a great decor and the house is more than beautiful and the good thing is that you can explore it in your own way. You can go through all the rooms where do you see a lot of strange things but also you will have to be careful to the others and you will have to talk with them to see what they want and you will have to help them. In each level you will have new tasks and new challenges which will be more amazing and interesting and you will have a lot of fun and we hope that you will enjoy spending time in the Evermoor`s characters house.

Use the mouse to play this game

The Thread of Fate

The Thread of Fate