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We hope you dear kids are going to be curious about this game right here on our site too because, as you can see, in this Train Cleaning and Fixing game , even if at first sight it may look ordinary, you actually get to play with a train who is like a real character here on our site because he has a face and he is here to become friends with you and so to have a good time with you. So we invite you to play this Train Cleaning and Fixing game here on our site, a train game and also ability game because it is not easy dealing with a train even though this is just a game, and you have two levels in this game, like the title of the game says it too, you have a cleaning game and a fixing game and we are sure you will do a very good job with both. So your mission is first of all to clean the game, just use your imagination and also the instructions of the game and after that you also have to fix it and make sure the train can run again and do its job. Good luck!

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Train Cleaning and Fixing

Train Cleaning and Fixing

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