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From all the interesting games you get to try out here on our site, today we are very happy to give you the chance to play this one, Christmas Io , which is clealry a very interesting game and we are more than happy to offer you the chance to play it because what we want the most is to make sure you have a good time in all the ability games and any other type of games here on our site. So come and try out this Christmas Io game which is a very fun Christmas themed ability game and the rules are kind of like in the classic game the snake but of course with some differences. This Christmas Io game is one in which you will take the shape of a square or circle, decorated in a Christmassy way, and you will be playing on a server with a lot of other players. Your mission is to eat the little lights which are points and when you have collected enough, you will grow bigger and you will be able to eat other participants in the game too, because you have to pay attention not to be eaten. Good luck!

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Christmas Io

Christmas Io

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