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You have the chance here on our site to try out all kind of interesting game sbut this puzzle game right here is super fun, even though it is simple, it is a logic game that is addictive in its simplicity so we challenge you dear kids to come and check it out because we can promise you that you are going to enjoy it. So this Ballz Online game dear kids is a game in which you are going to play with balls, of course, but in the beginning of the puzzle game you have only one and you need to use it in order to destroy the blocks in the game. All f these blocks have numbers on it and they need to be touched by the balls the number of times it is written on them so the game will become more and more difficult. But in the same time, if you concentrate on your mission in this puzzle game, the number of balls will only increase so in th same time this puzzle game can become easier too. You have to pay attention because the blocks will come lower and lower every time you have no balls to shoot and if they reach the bottom you lose the game so pay attention to that in this Ballz Online puzzle game. Good luck!

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Ballz Online

Ballz Online

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