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More information about Miss Moon Memory

Miss Moon Memory is a game where you have to do your best to complete your goal fast because this is your chance to become famous among the other players. In this exciting memory game you will get points according to how fast you find all the pairs. Tell us what do you think about this new ability game appeared on our site in a comment. If you like it we are going to bring you more similar challenges with your heroine from Boomerang, Miss Moon. In this game you have to use the mouse to find the pairs, by turning two cards at a time to check if they are the same of not. If they are similar you will get some points and the cards will be eliminated from the board. On the cards you can see images with Miss Moon and the kids. It is not simple at all to complete your goal in this new game appeared on our site, because it is really challenging and you need a lot of work to do. Give us a like if you had fun in this new memory game with Miss Moon and give us a g plus to help us promote the ability game.

use the mouse

Miss Moon Memory

Miss Moon Memory