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More information about Pat the Dog Memory

Pat the Dog Memory is a game where you have to find the pairs. It is not simple because there are a lot of cards. You have the chance to see in exclusivity images from the new Teletoon animated television series Pat the Dog. In the game you can see on the images Pat, Lola, Victor and other heroes from the show. When you turn two cards with the image up and they are similar you will get points. As you progress you have more and more challenges and it will be more and more difficult to complete your goal because the number of the cards is increasing and it will be more and more difficult to find the pairs. If you do this fast you will get bonus points. A good score can make your famous in this game. Tell us what do you think about Pat the Dog, the new animated television series. You can even express your opinion about the game in a comment to tell us the good parts and the bad parts from your experience here. Give us a g plus to help us promote the game for all the girls and the boys who love Pat the Dog and who want a new challenge, a new memory game.

use the mouse

Pat the Dog Memory

Pat the Dog Memory